leon turner

The man behind  "The Woodsman". Before IAW, Leon Turner was working Mid South, Smoky Mountain, Houston Wrestling under Paul Bosch, under the awful gimmick, ‘Luscious’ Leon. He was around the middle, bottom of that card until he came to IAW. Angus gave him The Woodsman gimmick and voila!



The man behind 14 time IAW World Heavyweight Champion  "Cowboy Steed Angus". Dewberry's "Steed Angus" was a legendary heel and a true ring general. On top of being a world champion and a star Angus was IAW's Head Promoter, CEO and Chairman of the Board. 





Steve Johnson got his start in the business setting up the ring for Dewberry. One night, when a talent named Lenny Gonzales no-showed to face Dangerous Danny Goldman in the curtain jerker, Dewberry got Johnson to fill the spot. He wasn’t smartened up, didn’t know a wristlock from a grandfather clock.  At first he had zero personality. One day, he wrote ‘Switchblade’ on the back of a leather vest to cut a promo, and he was OVER like ROVER.