HWP 56

Singer/songwriter Sophia Danai joins HWP to talk about her new single, 'Come Thru' off of her upcoming 'Real Lies' EP. 

She also talks about creative process, being an independent artist, her albums 'Wishing Well' and 'Love Royale', and the production of the 'Come Thru' music video.

Plus, Sophia treats us to an exclusive acoustic performance LIVE on HW Pod!

Get 'Come Thru' NOW on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play Store, Bandcamp, and watch the video on Youtube. 

For all things Sophia Danai:

HWP 55

Patrick Roccas is a Greek-Canadian acting product appearing in television juggernauts Supernatural, Arrow, Timeless, The Flash, The 100, and more! 

You can see him in his first feature 'The Women of Marwen' in theatres this November.

As a young man, Patrick was inspired to pick up bodybuilding after watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary, 'Pumping Iron'. The mental disciplines learned there help him in his craft today!

Coming from a background of security, bricklaying construction, and searching for his path, Patrick offers insight on the mental hurdles to starting out as an actor, auditioning, and carrying oneself on set. 

HWP 53

cmyk Productions joins HWP for the second time, represented on this episode by director Josh Richardson and director of photography Mitchell Rowland. 

They describe their process on their newly released video for ‘Let Me Go’ by Mathew V.

After that we touch on their recent music video productions, and talk about procrastination, inspiration, and visualization. 

All the BS in filmmaking is worth it if you prepare, and the final frame is everything you imagined, (and hoped) it would be. 

see their work at

HWP 49

Hamster Wheel Podcast hosts the hottest comedy web-series about infertility on the market. 

What happens when a controlled perfectionist, desperate to get pregnant, is forced to live with her spiritual but wild sister in law? If you giggle pass it on and you will help turn this web series concept into an actual show!

Help PERFECTLY NATURAL THE SERIES secure IPF funding by SUBSCRIBING, LIKING, COMMENTING AND SHARING with those you know will love it! 

@perfectlynaturaltheseries - Facebook / insta
@pntheseries - twitter

HWP 48

Joining the HWP this week, Chef Ryan Byrd, Culinary Director [Mark Brand Inc., Save-On-Meats, The Diamond in Gastown] and Sustainability Advocate. (28:00)

Ryan gives us a MEATY interview, talking about adapting on the fly to the never-ending gauntlet of projects, social programs, maintenance, and special events in his role. Working with 'A Better Life Foundation' and the 'Greasy Spoon Supper Series'. 
Mental health stigma, how it affects where we live, and how to fight it.

HWP 47

SHUTTLECOCK takes over the HWP. 
The comedy short just premiered at the Crazy 8's Gala at the Centre for Performing Arts, within the same week that it was completed in just 8 days.

Today on the podcast, writer/director Melanie Jones, star/writer Rhona Rees, producer Kristyn Stilling and associate producer Amelia Morris talk about the ride of producing the film, their chemistry as a team, and what's next for SHUTTLECOCK!

HWP 43

Film / Television / Theatre performers Kendall Cross & Scott Bellis join HWP to discuss their starring roles as Rita and Albert James in the indie gem, 'Grand Unified Theory'. 

Then,  associate producer of 'Grand Unified Theory', and producer from Yellow Heart Pictures, Krista Rand talks about helping to build a feature with a microbudget among other producer-y things. 

BUY / RENT the film now on iTunes / Google Play grandunifiedtheoryfilm.com

HWP 42

Andrew McNee, appears as 'Victor' in Grand Unified Theory, is the star of the 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid' mega-franchise, and graces the stage in theatre performances  that awarded him TWO Jessie Awards. ('One Man, Two Guvnors', 'Romeo and Juliet' - Bard on the Beach)

Today, he joins HWP to talk about 'Theory'.

Plus, the indie gem's writer / director (and Matt's screenwriting teacher) DAVID RAY returns to HWP alongside Andrew to discuss the film.

GRAND UNIFIED THEORY, an indie comedy about family and the universe is now available to own/rent on iTunes / Google Play Store / Amazon Prime Direct. Buy NOW!

HWP 38

Amelia Morris joins HWP to chat about the web-series pilot she produced, LUCHADOR, soon to be released on Telus Optik TV and the internet! Then we discuss her role as Mindy Harlow in Cinelation and Hamster Wheel's SOCKET, available to watch on NSI Online Short Film Festival January 22. Plus, Amelia is on the producer team for SHUTTLECOCK, recently selected by Crazy 8's to shoot in February.  

Plus, we have a special BONUS guest! Producer Amanda Verhagen, a member of Women In Film + Television's Jan 27/28 Producer Panel Series. 
Amanda discusses producing a Telefilm Microbudget Feature, DEVOUT, and the (Just completed!) short PEARLY NIGHTS, starring Amelia.